Help pick a title/subtitle round two

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the last poll. I’ve decided to do a second round of polls to zero in on an effective title/subtitle combination. I am doing this because I think Roger’s suggestion for the title Scapegoat is a good one. In fact, Scapegoat was my first choice when I started this project. […]


Help pick a subtitle

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When it comes to nonfiction books, the title and subtitle are almost as important as the contents of the book. A good title/subtitle combination can’t guarantee a best seller, but a bad title/subtitle combo can certainly sink a good book. After much deliberation, I have settled on the book title Spiral. I like it because […]


A note from one of the TWA 841 accident investigators

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My goal in telling this story has always been to tell it in a compelling and unbiased manner. That’s why the book relies so heavily on the comments and writings of some of the very people who were there at the time. If what I write comes across as biased, it’s only because I find […]


Hoot Gibson Remembered

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I first met Hoot back in November of 2012. I flew to Las Vegas to interview him for a possible book about his experience with TWA 841. His health and memory were in decline even back then. I spent three days interviewing Hoot, and while I thought he had an interesting story to tell, his […]


Important new clue concerning TWA 841 CVR erasure

Perry Mason

A while back I wrote about the spiral dive and crash of SilkAir Flight 185 in the post, What if they crashed? That particular post also has a full length documentary concerning the crash and subsequent investigation. During the investigation into this accident, investigators discovered that both the CVR and flight data recorder had stopped recording […]


ALM 980 Memorial Tribute


My first book 35 Miles From Shore was published back in 2008. Thanks to Amazon’s excellent marketing and the advent of the e-book, the book continues to sell. I still hear from readers. I recently heard from a reader who took the picture shown in this post as he and his new wife passed by the site […]


Score one for the defense


I thought this image was appropriate for the story I’m about to tell in this post as well as the time of year. As I near completion of a first draft of the manuscript, I am taking another look at the trial that was held in May of 1983. I have written about that trial […]


35 Miles From Shore Featured on Amazon


Today I learned that my book 35 Miles From Shore will be featured on Amazon in a promotion called The Big Deal. The promotion lasts until June 28. This is a Kindle ebook promotion only. The regular price for the ebook on all platforms is $9.95. The price during the promotion is just $2.99. This […]




During the course of the two year investigation into TWA 841, the three cockpit crewmembers never had an opportunity to dispute, in a public forum, the claims being made against them. At a deposition held on January 29, 1980, first officer Scott Kennedy had written a prepared statement that he wanted read into the record […]


TWA 841 Exposed

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In my previous post, The Boeing Scenario Debunked, I demonstrated the NTSB theory of the TWA 841 upset. The NTSB theory, however, does not match the physical evidence (the damaged airplane, debris field, FDR data) or the testimony of the crew. In the video below I offer an alternative theory that matches all of the evidence. […]


The Boeing Scenario Debunked

FE facing forward video

Ask any pilot old enough to remember TWA 841 and most will recite something along the following line: that’s the one where the pilots were fooling around in the cockpit with flaps and slats and circuit breakers and almost crashed then tried to cover it up by erasing the CVR. That’s the story I heard […]


What happened to Malaysia Flight 370?

Flight 370

Like everyone else, I have been following the Malaysia Flight 370 story. I’m looking at the story through the prism of my work on TWA 841. I see many similarities, from accusations of crew involvement, to the repercussions to Boeing if something mechanical caused the plane to crash, to the mystery of what really happened. […]


Fear of flying

Flight 191

The story of TWA 841 and Hoot’s battle to clear his name covers a time span of over twenty years. During that time there have been a number of fatal airline accidents. A number of these accidents are tangentially connected to TWA 841. For the passengers and crew aboard TWA 841, every fatal airline accident […]


Spiral update


I wanted to give a quick update on my progress on the Spiral project. I completed the initial research stage at the end of last year. Since then I’ve been busy writing. I like to use the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle when trying to explain how the process works. Writing a book is very […]


What if they crashed?


In the previous post, I talked about the discrepancy regarding the altitude TWA 841 recovered from the dive. The bottom line is that at the speeds they were descending they were at most a few seconds from spiraling right into the ground whether they were at 5,000 feet or 50 feet. At one point in the […]