The Boeing Scenario Debunked

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  1. Mark Loper
    February 28, 2016

    I flew the 727 as a Flight Engineer and I don’t think an FE would even notice the pulled circuit breaker and if he did, I don’t think he would simply reset it without conferring with the pilots. If he did do all that, I believe he’d re-pull the breaker when the plane started to react unusually.


  2. fesfe
    June 7, 2017

    No, as a pilot, I have to say the NTSB got the story correct. They did not, however get the motivation correct. The Boeing Effect was absolutely an unspoken technique specific to the 727’s. 727’s were clunky planes. The 3rd engine made it more difficult to control and it was just a really bumpy ride. But they were the work horses of the day. Tough military-grade planes and the airlines kept them forever. After thousands of hours of flying, pilots would do little tweaks here and there to get the old bird to ride a little better while in the air, hence the “boeing effect” was born. We didn’t call it that, the NTSB made up that name. Regardless, no pilot would ever admit to a made up term and also, like a police fraternity, no pilot is going to rat himself or a fellow pilot for doing some “tweeking” which is what we called it. It was nothing sinister and no one was trying to be a show off or thrill seeker. It simply helped the plane to ride just a little more smooth and it helped to make up for delays (they were running an hour late) So then corporate was thrilled and so were the customers. And yes a pilot really could easily flit a switch to delete the CVR and the fact that Hoot did that on this flight is indeed, very telling. Bottom line, Hoot did what he always did in that plane without even having to think about it. Everyone knew it was a technical no-no and this crew found out why the hard way. Over time this tweek finally caused the #7 flap to rip apart and that is what caused the dive. The Captain absolutely erased that CVR and it’s obvious they are not being completely truthful in front of those hearings. Nothing wrong with the plane. Nothing sinister or evil about the Pilot. Just a tweek/shortcut gone horribly wrong.


    • Kris
      October 8, 2018

      Very well explained. I think you summed up exactly what happened about as well as it could ever be said. Thank you


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