Was a lack of experience a factor in the Ethiopian 737 Max crash?

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  1. Mott Hoople
    March 17, 2019

    I read the captain had 9000+ hours but how much time did he have in the MAX ? Perhaps very little time and pairing with a 200 hour F/O sounds like a dangerous combo even if everything had gone right!


    • Charles Butera
      March 19, 2019

      When I heard of the problems with the new 737, I thought of our wonderful fortune in having had a great pilot like Hoot Gibson. I imagine that in most cases a seasoned pilot could make all the difference.

      However, another element that reminded me of flight 841 was the role played by
      Boeing. Once again (as in the “investigation” of the flight 841 incident) the plane’s manufacturer was involved. In the process of approving the new 737, the FAA yielded substantial technical clearance to Boeing. This seems to have contributed to the fatal glitch. Apparently the overload of additional new technology to a 60’s model aircraft created unanticipated problems. One wonders whether adequate testing had been performed. As for the pilots, at the very least, they would have required a great deal of additional training with the newly renovated aircraft.

      I wonder how Boeing will get off the hook this time.


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